Want that smooth, shaved head look but can’t be bothered dicking about with a razor each day? You and me both – I was going mad at how long it took me to shave, so I did a bunch of research and found a pretty decent solution – a proper head shaver.

Watch the full how-to video here:

Alright, watched the video above? Sweet. Let’s dive in.


The Rx5 is for that completely-bald, smooth look.

If you want to leave a little bit of hair, you can use the attachment guards that come with it:

Or if you already own the beard trimmer I recommend, just use that instead and save yourself some money. You can also use a normal razor, but I find that annoying as hell – you’ve got to wet your head first, put on shaving cream, you usually have to go over the same area multiple times and the cleanup can be annoying. The Rx5 can be used totally dry, and it literally only takes 2 minutes to do your whole head.

General Info

I was actually hesitant to buy and use the Rx5 – I’ve experimented with cheap knockoffs from China in the past and they cut/scratched my head and hurt like hell. I was super nervous to try this one, but it had really good reviews, so I took a chance. (I was getting annoyed at having to use my beard trimmer to shave my head – it’s way too slow). The Rx5 hasn’t hurt or cut me one single time ever, thank god.

It’s waterproof – you can shave with it in the shower. I much prefer doing it this way; I get a closer (more smooth) shave, and it seems to glide over my head better when my head is wet. Being waterproof also makes it easier to clean – just rinse it under the water.

If the hair on your head is a little long, you’ll need to move the Rx5 a little slower across your head as you shave. If you go too quickly, the motor will slow down for a bit – as I point out in the video above. It’s not a huge issue, it doesn’t tug on your hair or anything – it just means it’ll take a lot longer to shave.

As a general rule, I use the head shaver every 3 days. If I leave it much longer than that, the hair gets a bit long and annoying, and can jam the motor like the video above.

I can shave my entire head in about 2 minutes (I took longer in the vid because I was talking, obviously).

When shaving, I don’t push down on it at all – I just hold it gently and let its own weight do the work. It doesn’t require any pressure.

Mine lasts over a month between charges, using it every 2-3 days. Charging only takes a couple hours anyway.

There’s no cleanup – it “sucks” all the hairs into a little storage compartment that you can just open up and empty out every now and then. Or shave in the shower if you want, and then just rinse it off while you’re in there.

Other Uses

You can also use it to shave your body hair if you want to, but make sure your hair is already trimmed first (eg you’ve shaved within the last week). If your hair is very long, it’ll just get caught in the shaver and take way too long.

To shave your hair down to a manageable length, you can just use the beard trimmer I recommend, or a regular electric hair trimmer, or even a pair of scissors. Just get the hair down a bit so it’s not super long.

Once your bodyhair is shorter, you can use the Remington Rx5 to shave if you want to. However, I find it’s not as good as just using the beard trimmer I’ve recommended before – the Rx5 takes a lot longer on the body vs the beard trimmer. But if you only own the Rx5 and want your bodyhair smooth, use it.

How to Clean

You just pull the entire cap off the top, and run water under it to clean it:

Then clip the top back into place and you’re good to go.

Buy it Here

Buy it on Amazon (affiliate link).

Other alternatives

If you can’t find it on Amazon (it’s not available in every country), there’s other alternatives, such as this one:

SkullShaver Pitbull

I’ve also used (and love) another head-shaver – the Pitbull SkullShaver. One of my past coaching clients, Joe, loves it too – here’s what he has to say about it:

“If you shave your head, this is a must! Skull Shaver has a few options, I only tried one so I can’t attest to the others but knowing them they’re probably good. They have one that’s $40 in the US but I can’t say if it’s good or bad. They also have a $200 one that is 90% the same as the one I have – not worth it. I bought this one ($100) and it’s totally worth it. Every day I use this bad boi to get my head smooth. It’s held up awesomely, easy to clean, can get it wet and use it in the shower or in front of the mirror… Just perfect to shave your dome”.

Buy the SkullShaver Pitbull on Amazon (affiliate link)

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