Proper grooming of your beard/face are an absolute must if you’re looking for attention from the opposite sex. I’ve used a beard trimmer for the last 2 years and it’s been a game-changer, speeding up my morning routine a tonne.

  • Beard trimmers allow you to shape your beard and do fine detail work around the edges of your beard/hairline.
  • You can trim your beard to a certain length (a razor blade obviously completely shaves everything).
  • It’s much quicker than a razor blade.
  • You’ll never cut yourself.
  • You don’t need to fuck around with wetting your face, applying shaving cream, washing it off afterwards.
  • No more “razor burn” – irritated skin after you shave with a traditional razor blade.
  • Cheaper in the long-run – you don’t have to replace razor blades. I’ve had my shaver for 2 years now and it hasn’t dulled at all.
  • You can shave dry (you don’t wet your skin/hairs to use it).
  • You can also use it to shave your body, your head & your pubes.
  • Shave your nose/ear hairs as well.

The main reason I got one is I’m fucking hopeless with razors – I kept cutting my face and my fingers with the damn blade. No matter what type of razor I used, I somehow found a way to cut myself every few months. It became a running joke with my friends. I even did this one night, 30 minutes before I had a date:

Me and razor blades don’t mix.

Really hurt, too. Didn’t matter – still had sex & she didn’t mind 😉 But jesus, that was the day I went out and finally bought an electric trimmer.

Step-By-Step Video:

Here’s a step-by-step video of me shaving and grooming my face using this trimmer (affiliate link). I talk you through the entire process including which trimmer attachments I use, etc:

My bad for calling you all bitches. I was nervous.

Make sure you watch that video before reading any further; the rest of the article won’t make sense without it.


Photos above: All that scruffy neck hair is gone, moustache gone, beard shaped so it’s a nice shape, and trimmed to the same consistent length.

If I wasn’t narrating the video, this only would have taken me about 2 minutes in total – it’s quick once you know what you’re doing.

Buy this Trimmer I Use

I use the Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard Trimmer from Amazon.

Buy it here (affiliate link):

It comes in black, silver, red and blue (they’re all listed on that Amazon page). Heads up – I get a small commission if you buy through that link, and I really appreciate you supporting me.

One of the trimmer attachments has been recently updated from the old version I bought 2 years ago. Where I refer to “fine blade“, the newer version is called the “dual shaver“. It still does the same thing.

It’s awesome because it’s lightweight, nice and small so you can do fine details on your facial hair, comes with a bunch of different blades/guards/attachments, also does nose/ear hair, has a rechargeable battery that lasts 3+ months between charges and is very quiet (I comfortable use it even when I have someone asleep in the next room).

Lemme make this really bloody clear: DO NOT GET ANY PART OF THE TRIMMER WET. At all – don’t rinse it, don’t run it under the tap, nothing. I had one that stopped working because I thought I could just rinse the top of it to get rid of excess hairs. It stopped working completely – even leaving it out in the sun for 3 weeks didn’t fix it.

A mate of mine did the same thing, but his started working again after a day of leaving it in the sun, the lucky bastard. Bottom line is don’t get it wet. It’s still an awesome trimmer though – the best one either he or I have used.

It’s pretty powerful too – my mate has extremely thick beard hair (he’s Turkish) and it cuts through his hairs without jamming. He’s tried other trimmers that get caught and jam up on his hair, but this one hasn’t had that issue. He was the one who actually referred me to this trimmer.

Attachments mentioned in the step-by-step video above:

For areas I want as smooth as possible, such as my moustache & under my chin/neck, I do it in two stages.

First I use the wide blade attachment (also known as the T-blade) to get rid of most of the long hair:

Then I use the really fine blade attachment to get an even closer shave. If you have the newer model, you won’t have this attachment – the Dual Shaver attachment included does the exact same thing.

Don’t use the fine blade/dual blade first; it’s a very small blade so it’s not suited to cutting long hairs. Trim them down with the wide blade/T-blade first, then use the fine blade/dual blade.

To trim your beard to the same length as I did in the video at the top, use the wide blade/T-blade. Put the guard attachment with 1/4″ No 3 6mm written on it. That particular length guard keeps my beard reasonably long, at a length I really like:

For a slightly shorter length beard, use the 1/4” No 2 6mm guard (still using the wide/T-blade):

I know that looks very similar to the first photo; it’s only slightly shorter/thinner than the “No 3 guard“.

If I want it even shorter – to the point of stubble instead of a beard, use the 1/8” No 1 3mm guard (still using the wide/T-blade).

Cleaning Up Afterwards

I throw a bit of moisturiser on my face/neck afterwards. Don’t get too fancy with brands – any moisturiser will do.

You’ll usually be left with trimmed hairs everywhere when you’re done. Solution:

  • Shave over the sink.
  • If hairs get on the floor, run your hand under the tap so it’s soaking wet, then use your hand to wipe the floor. The hairs will all stick to your wet hand – then just wash your hand in the sink/shower. (Just don’t do this if your beard hairs are super long, as you may clog your drain.)
  • If you don’t want hairs all over your hand, grab a paper towel/tissue/toilet paper, wet it a bit, and do the same thing – the hairs will stick to the paper.
  • Or use a portable vacuum cleaner to quickly suck ’em all up.

Trimmer Nose & Ear Hairs:

The trimmer set also comes with a nose-hair/ear-hair trimmer, which I use once a week (I have annoyingly-long ear hairs).

You just put that attachment on the end, and put it gently up your nose, moving it slowly around a bit. You do the same thing with your ear hairs – it’s super easy to use.

At first, I was terrified the thing might cut/pinch my nose or something, but that’s never ever happened – the way it’s designed, there’s no blade protruding that could actually cut you.

Shaving Pubes/Groin:

If you’re going to do your pubic area with it, use the wide/T-blade and put the guard on. Any length guard will do, depending on how close a shave you want – just don’t go without a guard. I’ve tried without one a few times, and it’s pinched my skin. It’s not horrifically painful but it’s enough to make me always use the guard now. This only happens around my groin area – I’ve never once had it pinch the skin anywhere else on my face or body.

Shaving your Body

If you’ve never shaved your body (chest, stomach, arms, legs), you absolutely have to try it. No, I haven’t gone full-blown metrosexual; shaving your body makes all your muscles pop like you’ve never seen before. Your hair is covering up your muscles/vascularity and making them look small – even the really fine hairs. Try shaving your arms, legs (especially your calves and quads) and your chest/stomach, and you’ll suddenly look 10 times more well-defined.

I use the wide/T-blade (with no guards) to shave my body; I don’t bother with the fine blade/dual blade. That’ll save you a tonne of time. Your body hair really doesn’t need to be that short; just short enough you can see your muscles/vascularity. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to do your entire body.

Shaving your Head

I sometimes use the trimmer to shave my entire head. I start with the wide/T-blade with a guard on it, then the wide/T-blade by itself, and finally the fine blade/dual blade to get a really close shave. It doesn’t take too long (maybe 5 minutes) if your hair is already super short. If you regularly shave your head, you may want to consider buying a second trimmer that has a bigger shaving head on it so it’s even quicker.

Other Included Attachments:

The trimmer also comes with a bunch of other stuff, including a stand, nose/ear trimmer, another type of blade, and many more guards:

There’s also a charging cable of course (not pictured here).


Reminder: never get your shaver or the blades anywhere near water. It’ll fuck the whole thing up, like what happened to the first one I bought when I (foolishly) tried to wash it.

My mate puts blade clipper oil on his blades to keep them running smooth. I’ve honestly never bothered, and mine are still going strong after 2 years of daily use – they haven’t clogged, or dulled. That said, the oil is hella cheap – this is the one my mate uses. Up to you whether you bother or not.

The battery in the shaver lasts seemingly-forever; I charge it like once every 3 months, and that’s with daily use. The blue light on the front will start flashing when the battery is getting low, but even then it’ll keep working for another week or two. Charging only takes an hour or so, then you’re good to go for another 3 months.

Buy the trimmer here:

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard Trimmer from Amazon (affiliate link).

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