Affiliate disclosure: Heads up, as an Amazon Associate I may earn a small commission if you buy anything through links on this site. I mark those links clearly with "Affiliate link". I only recommend things I have personal experience with & actually own myself. -Andy

Affiliate Disclosure

I may make a small commission through links (known as affiliate links) on this site. I always mark these links with the words, “affiliate link” so you know. It’s at no expense to you, and I’m never going to tell you to buy something if I haven’t used it myself. I only espouse values & endorse things I have personal, real-world experience with.

If I think something isn’t perfect or is straight-up bullshit, I’ll tell you. Nothing disgusts me more than people giving recommendations and advice without any actual experience or proof – I’ll never do that. Honesty & ethics are a core philosophy of mine; I’m not here to manipulate you just for a buck. Anything I recommend on this site is stuff I’ve used – 99% of the time it’s stuff that’s had a huge impact on my life (eg the orange “blue-light-blocking” glasses, or The Slight Edge – stuff that kicks serious ass.)

These links are how I support myself so I can keep writing and coaching. Do your own research before you buy something I recommend, to make sure it’s something you’ll get good use out of. Buy it if you want to, don’t buy it if you don’t want to – all I really care about is you get off your butt and take action to improve yourself each day.

– Andy from Kill Your Inner Loser