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Tinder Guide – Preface

Here it is guys – hands down the best Tinder/Bumble/Hinge guide on the internet for meeting women, getting a girlfriend, getting laid – all that good stuff.

It’s massive (130,000 words long), 5 chapters, covering absolutely everything from improving your looks, taking better pictures, what to message girls, what to do and say on dates, how to invite them back to your apartment, how to have awesome foreplay and mindblowing sex, and even how to retain girls afterwards and keep them coming back for more. It’s all here, it’s all free (no email signup or any of that bullshit), so you have literally NO excuses not to change your life and create the sex life you’ve always dreamt of.

The advice I give you here has helped me personally sleep with over 150+ women, including more than 30 of them in 3somes – there’s plenty of proof on this site of all my lays. Thousands of other guys on my forums, my coaching clients, and general readers have used the advice in this guide to build their own awesome dating/sex life, without the usual “pickup artist”/red pill bullshit of lying to women, using them, manipulating them, and playing games. One of my core principles is honesty, integrity, and being a positive influence on all those I come into contact with – and this Tinder guide follows those same principles.

If you want to know more about me – Andy – here’s my full transformation story.

But I’ll make one thing clear: Meeting women and getting laid on dating apps is not always easy – at least not at the very beginning, if you have no idea what you’re doing. Anyone who tells you it is, is full of shit. It requires hard work, improving yourself, taking better pictures (bathroom selfies will not cut it), talking to a bunch of women (“the numbers game”) and putting yourself out there. You’ll get rejected – hundreds of times. You’ll have a tonne of moments where you feel frustrated. But if you persevere – and just never quit – there’s a whole world of sexual abundance & dating abundance waiting for you.

Don’t stress – I cover all of that in this guide. But you’re gonna need to put in effort, and actually try, if you want to mimic the results I’ve had.

Enough talk. Let’s dive into the guide (note – it’s NOT for anyone under 18):