Before I met Andy, I was clueless with socializing with people. I didn’t know where to begin and Andy helped break it down into manageable steps. I started to realize it’s not as complicated as people give it credit for.
– “M”

Looking to upgrade your life to the next level? Need some advice from somebody who’s been in your shoes and overcome the same hurdles you’re going through? I’m available for coaching – online and in the real world – on any subject of your choosing.

Investing in coaching means you’ll be motivated to take your self-improvement seriously – you’re essentially giving yourself permission to finally go after what you want and achieve your goals. If you’re serious about this, I’m serious about kicking your ass into gear, starting right now.

We’ll discuss what it is you want, and I’ll help you come up with a list of tangible, doable goals. We’ll uncover what’s been holding you back and how we can bust through that inertia.

After all, if a complete loser like me can get his act together, you sure as hell can too.

There’s no obligation to do more than 1 session – it’s completely cool if you just want to chat 1 time, ask a few questions, get some direction and advice, then go off on your own and apply it. All I care about is that you kick some ass; whether with me, or on your own.

Message me here & let’s kill your inner loser

If you absolutely can’t afford my prices, email me and we’ll discuss. I’d rather work with you for less money, than have you just sit around not taking action.

I’m available for coaching and advice on anything you see on this site (self-improvement, making friends even if you have absolutely none, hitting the gym, losing fat, mental health, overcoming depression, beating anxiety) or anything else you’d like to talk about. Do it as a once-off, or ongoing – whatever you need.

Andy will give you clear, direct, honest advice on any of your dating questions and keeps in touch to make sure you’re progressing. He’s a master of photo editing and will get your photos looking their very best.

Pretty solid before/after…

Thanks again for the recent session, Andy! Your knowledge and experience really helped me reflect on shifting my mindset to work for me rather than overthink things. You also helped me create an action plan for improving my online dating results.
To those reading this page, he’s a great mentor to see face-to-face and will take time to answer your lingering questions while offering valuable live insight. I highly recommended his services here.


I’m a professional photographer by trade. Come to Melbourne, Australia and we’ll go out and shoot a variety of photos for you – I’ll handle everything from the location, what you should wear, photo retouching/editing, etc. We’ll negotiate pricing depending on the job – you’ll walk away with an awesome set of photos.

Some of my professional work:

Andy will push the right buttons!

Message me & let’s kill your inner loser too.

Yo, Andy from Kill Your Inner Loser here. I’m an Aussie guy who was a depressed, suicidal loser who hated my existence. I managed to turn it all around & build a pretty cool life - I killed my inner loser. It’s my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.