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The Insoles I’ve Tried and Recommend

Buy these on Amazon (affiliate link):

Don’t worry about shoe-size – you can trim these down with a pair of scissors to fit your shoe.

Why would you want to use height-increasing inserts or insoles? Because they make you tall as fuck, adding up to 3 inches to your height:

Celebs use them:

If you’re 5ft9 or above, you can put “6ft” in your Tinder/online dating bio. Congrats! You’re now a tall dude. And if you’re below 5ft9, adding 3 inches to your height will make dating a hell of a lot easier.

How much height do they add? If you grab these ones (buy the “4-layer (3.54″ / 9cm) version”), they’ll add up to 3.5 inches. They come as an interchangeable kit, so if 3.5 inches is too much, you can just swap out one of the layers for a shorter one.

Here’s a closeup of me using only 3 of the layers (not all 4 layers, which would have been even taller), with my feet flat on the ground:

Roughly an 8cm increase (about 3 inches). I had to rotate the numbers in Photoshop because they were upside down (my measuring tape started at 0 on the floor).

Again, if I’d used all 4 of the interchangeable layers, it’d be even taller – another half-inch.

Here’s what they look like with the layers on:

And here’s what they look like in boots:

What are they Like to Wear?

I don’t particularly need them myself – I’m already 6’2. But I wanted to try them out properly before recommending them to my clients/you; I don’t recommend anything I haven’t personally used. So I tried them out for about 2 months, putting them in my shoes/boots every single time I left the house.

The first thing I noticed on Day 1 was the entire world feels “weird”; like everything is a little… shrunken down. Being 3.5 inches taller than usual will:

  • Make you feel like a freaking giant all of a sudden. You’ll find yourself feeling more confident, you’ll puff your chest out a little more, and you’ll feel a bit more like a “boss” as you walk around in public.
  • If you’re not used to being a hell of a lot taller than most girls you date, you’ll all of a sudden notice things that never happened before. They’ll look up at you (because they’ll have to). They’ll act a little more feminine around you, since you’re now literally bigger and seemingly-more masculine. Kissing them will be more fun because you get to lean down more to kiss them.
  • Your apartment will feel “weird” if you wear your inserts – you’ll get this sense that someone’s adjusted every single thing by 3.5 inches. The plates you’re used to getting out of the cupboard will feel “wrong”. Reaching for the fridge will feel “weird”. Going to the toilet will feel “off”. It’s extremely trippy and pretty darn hilarious.
  • Elevators you ride in every day will seem “wrong” – the buttons won’t be where you’re used to.
  • Doorways on trains/cars/etc will seem “off” – you’ll feel like someone moved the entire world down by 3.5 inches (technically that’s not far off…)
  • People will seem to respect you a little more, and literally look up to you.
  • Make people seem like little midgets compared to what you’re used to.
  • Hugging your friends will feel “slightly off” – like they’ve shrunk. Like you’re hugging a little “toy” version of them.
  • Friends will comment that you seem taller.

None of that is exaggerated; if anything, I’m understating what it’s like to walk around with an extra 3.5 inches. And I was already a tall guy; if you’re shorter, the 3.5 inches is going to be a higher-percentage change. (3.5 inches at my height – 6ft2 – is only an extra 4% increase. But 3.5 inches at 5’4 is a 4.7% increase.) The difference will really blow your mind – especially when these things are so damn cheap to buy.

It took me a couple days to get used to walking in them, especially if you use all 4 layers to add 3.5 inches in total. It’ll be a bit like walking in high-heels – your heels will be elevated more than your toes. After a couple days you’ll be able to walk in them normally (and even jog, if you want to – I tried it and it wasn’t that difficult).

The weirdest thing for me was riding the bus I was used to riding every day – all of a sudden I had to duck a little when getting on and off. Walking around in crowds was also weird – you’ll see what I mean when you first try them. It’s like the entire population has shrunk by 3.5 inches. It’s pretty damn amazing – you’ll feel like you’re tripping balls.

It makes dating a hell of a lot easier too – especially online dating. If you were previously just under 6ft (eg 5’9), you can now comfortable say you’re 5ft in your bio. Girls love taller dudes.

Just make sure your shoes are appropriate for the inserts – boots with a high “back” to them work best, since it’s the back of your foot (your heel) that will be lifted. If your shoes only have a tiny back and you use all 4 layers combined (for an extra 3.5 inches height), it might feel like your foot is about to slip out of the boot. Either use less layers (I found I could still comfortably use 3 inches of extra height with all of my boots), or use boots with a higher back to them.

Height-Increasing Elevator Shoes

You can also buy shoes that add a couple inches to your height, known as elevator shoes. Amazon has plenty here. They just look like normal shoes; you can’t tell they add height. You’d use them instead of the inserts/insoles. Some options:

Just bare in mind I haven’t tried them myself but a couple of my clients have, and they said they work as well or better than the inserts – they say they’re a little easier to walk in them.
(The benefit of the inserts is you can use them with shoes you already own.)

What Will Girls Say if I Wear Them?

Girls absolutely will not care, I promise you. Like I said, I tried these for 2 months – and when I took a girl back to my place, I was instantly 3 inches shorter when I took the boots off in front of her. Not a single girl mentioned it. And even if they did, all I would have had to say is, “Yeah they make me a littel taller, aren’t they cool? They’re like high heels for guys.”

Several of my coaching clients use inserts, and not a single one of them has had a girl mention the fact they lose 3 inches when they take the shoes off. Girls don’t care.

Girls wear high-heels themselves, and you don’t run out of the room screaming, “Aaaaahhh, she’s a midget!!!!!!” when she takes them off, do you? I promise you, she won’t either.

Besides, if she’s already in your apartment (which is where you’ll be taking them off), she already likes you – a lot. She doesn’t give a crap if you’re a little shorter without shoes on. She’s already in your apartment with you, ready to get down to business, so stop stressing about your damn height and focus on having fun with her and enjoying the moment.

But look, I do understand the insecurity. For years, I was paranoid about my receeding hairline/male pattern baldness. I’d cover it up with hats/beanies – I’d literally never leave the house without wearing one. And I was paranoid that as soon as I took my beanie off when we got back to my apartment, girls were going to scream, “You’re bald!!!!!!!!!!” and run away. I used to have to take a deep breath every time I took my beanie/hat off – I literally had to work up the courage to do it every single time.

And guess what? Not a single girl ever cared. None. Zilch. All of them ended up doing the horizontal tango with me and saw me again many times after that. The fact I covered up my baldness with hats/caps didn’t matter – just like you dealing with your height by wearing insoles doesn’t matter. Your height isn’t the problem you’ve convinced yourself it is.

Where to Buy Height-Increasing Insoles

Buy ’em on Amazon. These are the ones I’ve tried and recommend (these are affiliate links by the way):

(Buy the 4 Layer(3.54″ / 9cm) version). Don’t worry about shoe-size – you can trim these down with a pair of scissors to fit your shoe.

The layers are interchangeable so if it’s too much extra height, you just swap out for one of the shorter layers. The max height will add about 3.5 inches to your height, but you can add as little as 1 inch if you want to.

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