Yep – I’m offering one-off coaching calls again!

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What the calls entail:

  • $200 USD, 30 min video calls on Zoom
  • Any topics you like
  • Limited time only
  • Limited to only a certain number per week
  • Limited to only one per person
  • First come, first served
  • New people only, not available to anyone who’s done coaching before
  • I am going to (gently – I don’t like to pressure people) ask you if you’re interested in the proper coaching program at the end of the call

Here’s me explaining it in more detail:

Here’s what people have said after their 30min call:

Book your call with the form below:

Yo, Andy from Kill Your Inner Loser here. I’m an Aussie guy who was a depressed, suicidal loser who hated my existence. I managed to turn it all around & build a pretty cool life - I killed my inner loser. It’s my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.